Craft Show Lighting Systems 

First, there was glass.

My wife Evelyn started doing lampwork, which is making glass beads in a gas/oxygen flame. In a few years she got very good at it and everyone wanted her beads.  So she founded "EVVYBEADS" and started selling her beautiful work. (Her work is on display at 


Then there was light.

Then we started exhibiting at craft and bead shows. Outdoor shows were  easy, but indoors we needed display lighting so her beads didn't look like small, dull rocks. But there weren't any systems designed for the small exhibitor; just big expensive systems aimed at Fortune 500 companies. And we got tired of clamping a bunch of small desk lamps to our table and tripping through a tangle of power cords. Many blogs urged halogen track lighting, but that was as far as it went. 


Then there was the CaberLight!

So we designed a portable, simple lighting system kept improving it. On seeing "Rev. 3" at a show in Vegas a fellow artist offered to buy a system if it would fold up and fit in her luggage. Like many artists, she often flies to shows and wanted to avoid special shipping. We met her challenge and she took delivery in May 2011. The CaberLight was born! 


The MANTIS: CaberLight simplified

The CaberLight is durable, lightweight, and straightforward to use, but customers wanted it lower cost and simpler set-up for use during the "Fog of Show." Simplification resulted in an easier  to use AND lower cost system. By the early 2012, the MANTIS was ready for production.


Thanks for your interest in CaberLight's products. We hope that the CaberLight and MANTIS will meet your need for craft show display lighting by highlighting your creations. Please contact us if you have any questions.    

The Caberlight MANTIS at the Best Bead Show: Tucson 2012