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"Not Sunlight, but Close!"
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First, there was lampwork.
My wife Evelyn started doing lampwork a few years ago she got very good at it; everyone wanted
her beads! So she founded "EVVYBEADS" and started selling her beautiful work.  
 Then there was light. Really BAD light!
Then we started exhibiting at craft and bead shows. Outdoor shows were easy, but convention
centers & gymnasium lighting made all the artists’ treasures look like dull, boring rocks!
 But there weren't any systems designed for the small exhibitor; just big expensive systems aimed
at Fortune 500 companies. We got tired of clamping  IKEA desk lamps to our table and tripping
over the tangle of power cords. Some blogs urged halogen track lighting, but there were no good
solutions out there. 
Then there was the CaberLight!
So we designed a portable, simple lighting system kept improving it. On seeing "Rev. 3" at a
show in Las Vegas a fellow artist offered to buy a system if it would fold up and fit in her luggage.
Like many artists, she often flies to shows and wanted to avoid special shipping. We met her
challenge and she took delivery in May 2011. CaberLight was born!  
The Mantis:
In early 2012 we introduced an easier to use, more robust version of our first halogen lighting  
system. We named it “The Mantis” since it looks like a praying mantis when you unfold it to set
it up (see the Mantis Real Time Video HERE.) Many Mantises are in use throughout the country
and Canada.
The LadyBug:
By 2012, LEDs became available which gave a natural color to lampwork beads without the
yellowish or cold bluish cast.  We developed and introduced the LadyBug (sticking to the theme of
beneficial insects)which is up to 2 feet tall, modular, runs on either 12 VDC or a 100/240VAC adapter,
and is equivalent to a 50W halogen light..
The Super LadyBug:
Customers wanted a taller LED system for more vertical displays, so in 2013 we developed the
3-foot-tall Super LadyBug which produces twice the light of the LadyBug (100W halogen equivalent.)
To date, hundreds of LadyBugs and Super LadyBugs are being used throughout North America,
along with many Mantis systems. We also are continuing to develop new products as the needs of
our customers change.
Thanks for your interest in CaberLight's products. We hope that CaberLight’s products will
meet your need for craft show display lighting by highlighting your creations.
Please contact us with any questions.    

Hope to see you at the next show!